On-board Wheelchairs

The Air+Chair is an on-board aeroplane wheelchair or transit chair for the mobility impaired which assists in movement around an aircraft during flight. Narrow wheelchairs such as our specially designed lightweight weelchairs, need to facilitate the movement of passengers with reduced mobility along narrow aisles and confined spaces. Its design makes it perfectly suited to on-board storage as it can be manoeuvred on its own castor wheels and includes the following features;

• Push Handles
• Safety Belts
• Foldable Transfer Board
• Foldable Footrests
• Foldable Backrests
• 4 Swivel Wheels

The Air+Chair’s unique design is built with the comfort of the passenger in mind and is for use on Air, Sea and Rail transport. It can also ideally suited to be used as ambulance wheelchairs. Its intelligent design meets FAA flame retardant regulations, minimum dimensional spec (DPTAC) and enables large payload.

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